Awesome Colour Palette

Choose from our extended palette of hundreds of colors and textures, the perfect one that will unify your look.

Regardless of style and likes, we have the perfect color for everyone. From the romantic pink to the provocative red, from sparkles to mat colors, we are here to get your nails ready for any type of occasion.

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Nail Treatments

Basic Serene Haven

Includes a mint aromatherapy soak with nail shaping, cuticle grooming, lotion application and polish.

Mega Detox

Therapy begins with a green tea soak to detoxify, relax and rejuvenate followed by nail and cuticle detailing. Continue with a gentle exfoliation using our sugar scrub to remove dead cells and restore the natural layers of the skin. Enjoy a relaxing massage ending with a moisturizing treatment.

Traditional Ginger

Treatment soothes your aches and pains. Begin unwinding yourself with ginger aromatherapy followed by detailing of the nails and cuticles. Proceed with a callus removal. Natural sugar crystals are used to gently exfoliate the skin in preparation for an antioxidant cooling menthol masque. Lastly, enjoy a botanical extract moisturizing massage to nourish and stimulate your hands and feet.

Nourishing Treatment

Begins with a yummy soak of nourishing milk aromatherapy followed with a refining nail and cuticle treatment. Proceed with a callus removal treatment to gently soften the toughest calluses and follow up with a sugar scrub for an in-dept skin exfoliation. Continue with out deep penetrating Perfect Sense Infusion Paraffin filled with enriched vitamins and minerals for hydration of the skin. The treatment ends with a soothing massage with botanical extract moisturizers for nourishment.

Awesome Prices

While all our services are complex, and we only use top quality products, you will not spend a fortune on any of them. Our prices are affordable to everyone. Besides taking care of you, we look after your wallet too.

Nail Treatments

Basic Serene Haven

Combo-$35 / Manicure-$18 / Pedicure-$25

Mega Detox

Combo-$42 / Manicure-$21 / Pedicure-$29

Traditional Ginger

Combo-$55 / Manicure-$27 / Pedicure-$37

Nourishing Treatment

Combo-$68 / Manicure-$33/ Pedicure-$43

Nail Enhancements

Acrylic Full Set

$ 40.00

Acrylic Refill

$ 30.00

Acrylic Fill Pink & White

$ 40.00

Additional Services

Polish Change

Hands-$10 / Feet-$10

Polish Change-French

Hands-$12 / Feet-$12

French Tips

Hands-$5 / Feet-$5

Design (per nail)

Hands-$3 / Feet-$3

Buff Shine

Hands-$5 / Feet-$5

Callus Treatment

Hands -- / Feet-$10

Perfect Sense Paraffin

Hands-$15 / Feet-$20


Hands-$9 / Feet-$13

Scrub (Exfoliant)

Hands-$10 / Feet-$12


$1 per minute

Gelish Add-On

Hands-$20 / Feet-$20

Gelish Removal

Hands-$6 / Feet-$6